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Domain Name Server (DNS) is system that connect Uniform Resource Locator or URL with Internet Protocol Address or usually called by IP Address. Usually the user if you want to access the internet needs to type the IP Address of a website. This method is quite troublesome, because you must have a complete list of IP addresses of the websites you visit and enter them manually. DNS is the system that summarizes this work for you. Now, you just remember the domain name and enter it in the address bar. DNS will then translate the domain into an IP Address that the computer understands. For example, if you want to access Google without needing to write in the address bar, the user only needs to enter the address The benefit of using DNS is very beneficial compared to remembering the row of IP address numbers, of course it will be more convenient to remember the website name. In addition, users can use the same DNS name despite changes in the IP Address used. When there is a problem with the IP address used, you can easily replace a different IP. And when using a DNS system, all online data transfer activities will go through a secure DNS server from hacking attempts.
Internet users must have heard many terms such as domain names and IP Addresses. Basically a domain is a name that serves to provide a website address name and "replacement" IP Address. While IP Address is an interesting product of modern computer technology designed to enable one computer to be able to communicate with others through the Internet. IP Address will allow billions location of digital devices connect to Internet to point and differentiate from other or another devices. Process to find IP address is achieved by searching for DNS until a match on the domain name is found. This process known as NS lookup, DNS lookup or IP lookup. The process finding host name or domain name of IP address involves sending messages to the IP address and asking the computer at the IP address to return the name. Many computer host domain so hostname might be one of the host domain name or it could be something completely different.
Domain names are names purchased from registrars. This will be something like Note that there is no www at the beginning of the domain name. Once a user has a domain, there is no reasonable limit to the number of sub-domains that can be created. Sub domain be allocated to host machines (for example PC). Even many sub domain allocated to same host machine. The way the sub-domain is allocated to the host machine is by making a record in the DNS (Domain Name Server) which record the sub domain name and IP address of host machine. Each request for a sub-domain is converted to an IP address by DNS and the IP address is used to route request through network until reach the host.