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Use your account wisely, don't forget to read the TOS, so as not to violate the ones that cause our server to be suspended. Choose a server that is close to your area, because it affects the speed of your ssh / ssh ssl account. Open ports are for features: OpenSSH, Dropbear, Squid Proxy and UDPW. Customize the port you want and need. We provide a free service but premium quality, don't forget to always provide support for our site.

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Make your personal account, don't share it with your friends. some reasons we prohibit this action, if we find it, we will delete your account. so as not to interfere with other server accounts.

SSH (Secure Shell) Programs that users can use to log in to other computers using network paths. This program also has another function which is to process commands on the machine remotely and SSH also allows it to be used as a file transfer from one location to another. Of course this will provide fairly strong authentication and make communication secure from the start which is insecure. SSH serves to protect the network from fraud attacks. Some examples are spoofing DNS, IP, or source routing. If a hacker manages to take over the network, then he can only use the SSH program to disconnect it and cannot be used for other purposes. Here the hacker manages to run the activity or hijack the connection when encryption is activated, so when he uses slogin ssh, all login sessions and including password transmission will be immediately encrypted. So it is very rare and impossible for others to be able to store a lot of passwords or passwords.

Dropbear One of the software for SSH servers and clients that has a small size so much in demand by users or server users. Please note that this software was developed by Matt Johnston as a substitute or alternative for using OpenSSH. When the Dropbear program is running, the memory usage of the Dropbear program is much lower, so that the program becomes easier to run and use on the SSH server system compared to OpenSSH software. Dropbear has the main function of course to be a substitute for OpenSSH software which has lighter performance on SSH systems. When compared with OpenSSH itself when the program is run. To be able to use this program, users must first install Dropbear on a CentOS vps server, Debian-Ubuntu.

Stunnel Is an open source type of software that can be used by all users to tunnel SSH through TLS or via SSL. Users can use this Stunnel software to make secure encryption connections for clients or servers that are not talking directly. The purpose of this application was created is to make unsafe category protocols to be changed into safer connections. Some examples are HTTP, MYSQL, Secure Socket Layer (SSL), Transport Layer Security (TLS) so that data cannot be tapped. The main function of the Stunnel program is making SSL which will guarantee the data transmission process is carried out safely and accurately. In the process Stunnel will maintain all communications carried out safely.

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